First signs: How to know if you will be compatible

You meet someone on dating sites who - at last! - You feel like starting a serious relationship. It is important that you be attentive to the signs of the early times to know if they will be compatible or, at least, if it is worth the joy to try. It is true that in this of the links there are no linear paths. Many times what starts as something casual ends up being love for a lifetime? In the beginning, there are usually some indicators of how this new pair could work although people usually show the best cards, to try to impress. Finding out what someone is really takes a long time, but some punctual behaviors can show you little by little how is that man or woman. To form a solid couple it is necessary to share the concept of relationship that is sought and to listen to the heart and the reason. Women often think that we can change a man and, honestly, it does not work that way. No one changes anyone. At the beginning of a link, it is good to ask. With prudence and respect but ask. If the other is upset, there he. I'm not talking about questioning or personalizing (after all you're just getting acquainted) but you know some basic questions that will help you know if you're on the right track:

  • Know if the other person is available, what you expect from a bond, if you have children (or want to have them), and so on.
  • Ask if you are willing to an exclusive relationship or are looking for an open partner.
  • Listen carefully to everything that speaks of your moral values, concepts about the family, and so on.
Know what your expectations are if the thing thrives.

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There are some basic indicators to know if you are on the right path:

Whoever wants to moves: if the person is really interested in building a relationship with you will do things tending to it like calling you, sending you messages and going to see you for example. Excuses do not work: there is no lack of time; Just lack of interest. If you really are interested in someone, even if physical time is scarce, things will be done to see or see it, even though the webcam.

Interest is shown "without hysteria": distrust of those links that begin with a high component of madness. Attacks of jealousy, raises about "because you published such thing in Facebook", police inquiries, etc. What begins badly usually ends badly.